Volkswagen Jetta Sportwagen Dashboard Light Guide

While modern technology makes newer vehicles safer and more fun to drive, sometimes the sheer volume of gauges, lights, and sensors may be a bit overwhelming. Take the VW Jetta SportWagen, for example. There are 21 different lights nestled in among the gauges, more than most of us can commit to memory, especially since there are many you really never see lit.

The following is a list of the lights found on the dashboard of the Jetta SportWagen. Many of the lights and the sensors they represent are self-explanatory, but some may require further investigation if they light up unexpectedly.

Within The RPM Gauge

There are five sensor lights circling the center of the RPM gauge. They are listed clockwise starting with the one furthest to the left.

  • Airbag System – should light up when the car is started and then go out almost immediately. If it remains on or lights up while the car is in motion, refer to your owner’s manual.
  • Cruise control – lights up when the cruise control is engaged.
  • Anti-Shift Lock (ASL) – lights up when the anti-shift lock is engaged.
  • Glow plugs – only present in diesel models.
  • Electronic power control (EPC) – lights up if there is a problem with the power controls or the sensor that reads those controls.

Between The Gauges

There are 10 lights located between the RPM and MPH gauges on the dash. They are listed below in order from those found on the uppermost part of your dash to the lowest, and read from right to left.

  • Turn signals – these are the uppermost lights on your dash. They light up when the turn signal is engaged on the side each represents.
  • High beam – located in between and a little below the turn signal lights, this lights up when the high beams are in use.

Below the high beam light is a panel of vitally important sensor lights. These light up to alert you to a problem and should be taken seriously.

  • Engine coolant – lights up if your coolant pressure drops below adequate levels or if the temperature of the coolant gets too high.
  • Front brake pads – lights up if the brake pads on your front brakes has worn down below optimum levels or if there is uneven pressure being applied to your front brakes.
  • Fuel level – lights up if your fuel levels are too low.
  • Engine oil pressure – lights up if the oil levels drop too low.
  • Door ajar – lights up if any of the doors or the rear hatch are not closed.
  • Windshield washer – lights up if the washer fluid is low.
  • Fuel cap – lights up if the fuel cap is not replaced properly after refueling.

Within The MPH Gauge

These lights are located around the center of the MPH gauge. They are listed in clockwise order, starting with the one furthest to the left.

  • Malfunction indicator- lights up if there is any problem related to the engine or exhaust system.
  • Anti-slip regulator (ASR) – lights up when the ASR is engaged.
  • Anti-lock brakes system (ABS) – lights up if there is a malfunction in your ABS.
  • Electronic immobilizer – lights up if this anti-theft device is engaged.
  • Brakes – lights up when the emergency brake is engaged.
  • Generator – lights up when car is started. If it stays lit it signals a problem with your battery or alternator.
  • Safety belts – lights up if safety belts are not engaged in any seat that is bearing weight.

If any of these lights should come on unexpectedly or you have any other questions about your VW Jetta SportWagen, contact our service department at Port Charlotte Volkswagen.

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