As the miles add up, so do the services your Volkswagen will need. To keep your car in great condition well past 100,000 miles, you will not only want to make sure regular checks and fluid changes are been done but also have other parts replaced and systems inspected.To help you see which services your Volkswagen might be due for, our Norm Reeves Volkswagen Superstore Port Charlotte team detail when certain components are recommended to be replaced. Drivers in Fort Myers, Venice, and North Port can also count on us whenever they need to schedule Volkswagen service!

Volkswagen High Mileage Service High Mileage Service

While some parts wear faster than others, certain components will need to be replaced once you’ve hit higher mileage intervals in your Volkswagen.

Transmission Fluid: The transmission fluid is one of the many fluids that will need to be changed throughout the lifespan of your car. Although it isn’t changed quite as often as the engine oil, this fluid also eventually wears down. It will depend on the type of transmission equipped in your Volkswagen, but you normally don’t want to go more than 60,000 miles in between changes.

Spark Plugs: Over time, the spark plugs also become worn and need to be replaced. Since the spark plugs are what help get your car started, it is important to have them replaced when the time comes.

O2 Sensors: The 02 sensors can last anywhere from 50,000 miles up to 100,000 miles. Once they start to go bad, getting them changed will help give you car the best gas mileage possible.

Your owner’s manual is a great reference to use, since it gives recommendations of when these parts and others should be changed. When you come by for VW high-mileage service, our technicians can also check various other components of your vehicle, from the A/C to the shocks and struts. This way, you know everything is still operating at its best.

Volkswagen High Mileage Service Continue to Keep Your Volkswagen in Great Shape

In addition to those particular replacements, you will also want to make sure you continue to get the regularly services your Volkswagen has received throughout its lifespan. Luckily, when you need any of these quick services, you can stop by at your convenience and get it done quickly by our experts.

With our Volkswagen Service Xpress, you won’t need to even schedule an appointment before stopping by for an oil change, tire rotation, battery check, or brake pad replacement. By having these services routinely done, you can be sure your Volkswagen will give you even more miles of smooth and safe performance.

Due for VW High Mileage Service?

Schedule your next car service with us here at Norm Reeves Volkswagen Superstore Port Charlotte. Our trained technicians can inspect the condition of various systems and parts to make sure everything is in working order. They can also replace worn components with genuine parts designed for your Volkswagen and change the various fluids in your car.

With their help, your Volkswagen will continue to perform well out on the roads of Fort Myers, Venice, and North Port for many more miles to come.

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