VW Golf GTI Dashboard Light Guide

Golf GTI Port CharlotteVW Golf GTI dashboard lights meaning is an important part of knowing your vehicle. Some of the lights are pretty self-explanatory, but there are those that do not come on very often (hopefully not at all) during the lifetime of your car. Here is an easy-to-follow guide about what each light means.

Inside the RPM Gauge Steering Wheel Icon/p>

If the steering wheel is solid yellow, it means that there is a malfunction in the power steering system. Flashing yellow means that there is a malfunction in the electric steering column lock. Solid red indicates a failure in the power steering system, and flashing red indicates a failure in the electric steering column lock. There is also an audible warning that comes with this icon; if it makes noise three times, safely pull your Golf GTI over and do not drive it.

Particulate Filter

For diesel engine Golf GTIs this icon appears to let you know that the filter in your diesel engine is dirty.

Engine Malfunction

This engine-shaped icon means that there is a malfunction in your engine or emissions system and that you should bring your car in for service as soon as possible.

Diesel Engine Pre-Glow

When solid, this icon lets you know the pre-glow system is engaged. When flashing, there is a problem with the system.


These three letters indicate a problem with your engine, and your car should be serviced as soon as possible.

Immobilizer Icon

This car-shaped icon alerts you that the wrong key is in the ignition and the car will not start.

Alternator Low Voltage Output

The battery icon appears if there is a problem with your charging system.

Bulb Failure

When the light bulb appears and is solid, it means that there is a bulb failure. When flashing, it indicates a headlamp needs leveling.

Rain Sensor Malfunction

If this appears, turn the ignition off and then on again, and if the icon fails to switch off, bring your Golf GTI in for service as soon as possible.

High Beam Indicator

This icon lets the driver know when the high beams are on.

Inside the Speedometer Gauge Shift Lock

This appears when you must apply the brake to shift.


Either the airbag or seat belt tension system is faulty, or the passenger side airbag is off.

Seat Belt Indicator

The seat belts are not properly engaged.


This icon appears with the brake light to alert the driver to a possible malfunction in the anti-lock brake system.

ESP (Electronic Stability Control) / ASR (Automated System Recovery)

When solid, the electronic stability control and automated system recovery are inactive. When flashing, there is an event.

Brake Light

This light lets the driver know when the parking brake is engaged.

Tire Pressure Monitoring

When illuminated, this lets the driver know that the tire pressure is low. When it is accompanied by an audible warning, there is a malfunction in the system.


This green light lets the driver know when cruise control is engaged.


This light displays when the daytime running lights are operating.

Miscellaneous Lights DSG Transmission Too Hot

This temperature gauge shows up when the transmission is too hot. Simply turn the vehicle off and allow it to cool.

License Plate Bulb Failure

This light looks like a license plate and lets you know when the bulb has burned out.

Brake Light Bulb Failure

This indicates that one or more of the brake light bulbs is out or malfunctioning. When any of these or other lights illuminate on your dashboard, do not hesitate to bring your VW Golf GTI to the service team at Port Charlotte Volkswagen.

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