Volkswagen Golf Maintenance Schedule

The VW Golf SportWagen is a sporty SUV with the power and handling you need to get to where you want to go. To ensure your travels throughout Fort Myers, Cape Coral, and North Port will last as long as possible, it’s important to keep up with routine maintenance.

Our team at Norm Reeves Volkswagen Superstore Port Charlotte will go over the Volkswagen Golf SportWagen maintenance schedule to help you determine if your vehicle needs service. If it does, be sure to contact us to make an appointment.

10,000 Miles

After the first 10,000 miles, the service needed is standard and not as extensive as further checks. At this point, you’ll need to schedule a service appointment to get the following work done…

  • Change the engine oil and oil filter.
  • Check the brake pad thickness and brake disc condition (front and rear).
  • Reset the service interval display (if applicable).
  • Check the windshield washers, headlight cleaning system, and wiper blades for damage and function. Also, check the fluid level and add, if necessary.

20,000 Miles

At 20,000 miles, you’ll have the 10,000-mile maintenance performed, plus the following items…

  • Check the battery.
  • Inspect the brake system and shock absorber for leaks and damage. Also, check the brake fluid level.
  • Check the tread depth, condition wear pattern, and the pressure of all tires, including the spare.

40,000 Miles

The 40,000-mile mark is when it starts to get more comprehensive. You’ll get the same checks done as before, along with…

  • Replace the dust and pollen filter.
  • Replace the spark plugs (every four years).
  • Change the automatic (non-DSG) transmission fluid.
  • Visually inspect the body for corrosion.
  • Check CV joints for leaks and damage.
  • Check the coolant level.
  • Check the engine and engine compartment components (from above and below) for leaks and damage. Also, check the transmission, final drive, and drive shaft boots.
  • Check the exhaust system for damage and leaks.
  • Check the headlights and adjust, if necessary.

80,000 Miles

The 80,000-mile mark follows the same exact process as the 40,000-mile check. You’ll get the everything mentioned above, plus…

  • Check interior lighting and glove box lights, cigarette lighter/power outlets, horn, and all warning lamps.
  • Check the front and rear lights, luggage compartment lighting, turn signals, hazard warning lights.
  • Check the power steering fluid level.
  • Check the condition of ribbed V-belt (if applicable).
  • Check, clean, and lubricate the sunroof and panoramic sunroof (if applicable).
  • Open the sunroof and check front water drains and clean, if necessary (if applicable).
  • On a test drive, check braking, kick-down, steering, electrical, heating and ventilation systems, air conditioning, handling, and parking brake.
  • Check the tie rod ends for excessive play, and check the boots.
  • Inspect then underbody sealant for damage.

120,000 Miles

When you reach the 120,000-mileage mark, you can feel confident in your vehicle’s continued reliability. At this point, the only item that’ll be added to the above inspection list is to replace and clean housing for the air filter element, which will need to be done every six years.

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