VW Beetle Dashboard Lights

Volkswagen Beetles are perennially popular vehicles, and if you own and enjoy one, you no doubt understand why. They are dependable and sturdy cars while still being stylish.

If you want your Beetle to stay in top condition, it’s important to pay attention to the dashboard lights and what they tell you. There are many dashboard lights, and some of them are for minor and more cautionary issues, while others denote more serious issues. Here are some of the common dashboard lights you’ll find in a WV Beetle and what they mean:

Airbag Light: Your airbag is faulty or has been deployed.

Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) Light: There has been an ABS malfunction. Get your vehicle serviced when you can.

Automatic Transmission Light: This light looks like an exclamation point inside a circle with spokes. It indicates a transmission problem and means you should have the car looked at.

Battery Light: Your battery might be dying. Have your Beetle looked at when you can.

Brake Pad Indicator Light: This light, which looks like a vibrating circle, indicates that you need to get your brake pads checked.

Coolant Warning Light: This light looks like a thermometer and means your coolant is either low or the temperature is off. Check your coolant levels if you see this light.

DSG Transmission Light: This light looks like a thermometer inside a circle with spokes. It means that the DSG transmission is too hot and you need to stop the vehicle and allow it to cool down. See a repair facility if you still have problems.

Electronic Power Control (EPC) Light: This means you’re having an engine malfunction and you should have your car serviced.

Engine Malfunction Light: Something is wrong with the engine, so bring your car in for service.

Hybrid Drive System Light: This light looks like an exclamation point on a car and indicates a hybrid drive system malfunction. If the light is yellow, get your car serviced as soon as possible. If it is red, stop the car and call for service.

Light Bulb Failure Lights: There are a few of these, and all involve a picture of a light bulb. Depending on which light pops up on the dashboard, it means one of your lights is out.

Oil Pressure Warning Light: There is a problem with your oil pressure. This is a serious issue, and an audible warning will usually sound telling you to turn off the engine and get your vehicle looked at.

Parking Brake Light: This light can mean one of two things: Either your parking brake is being used, or your brake fluid is low. Driving with low brake fluid can be very dangerous, and this light is often accompanied by an audible warning.

Power Steering Assist Light: This light, which looks like a steering wheel, indicates a problem with power steering. The light will be yellow or red depending on how serious the problem is. A red light means you should stop driving and have the car serviced.

Rain Sensor Light: This light indicates a problem with the rain sensor system. Try restarting the ignition. If it doesn’t fix the problem, locate a Volkswagen dealer for service.

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