Top Driving Schools near Cape Coral, FL

They grow up so fast, don’t they? Yesterday you were teaching them how to walk and now they want to learn how to drive. It can all feel so sudden and maybe just a little bit terrifying.

To help put your mind at ease, we surveyed the top driving schools near Cape Coral, FL, to bring you the best of the best in driver’s education. You may not be able to stop your kids from growing up, but at least you can make sure they’ll be safe behind the wheel.

First Assurance Traffic School

With almost 30 years of experience in the traffic school business, First Assurance is a nationally recognized driver’s ed tool. Students can learn the importance of driver safety along with important traffic rules in a variety of educational platforms. Whether you learn better from informative booklets, engaging online lessons, hilarious DVDs, or interactive classroom courses, First Assurance has the perfect option for you.

Stephen A. Emerson Driving School

Stephen A. Emerson Driving School is one of the leading driver’s education resources in the Cape Coral area. Lead driving instructor Stephen Emerson has more than 30 years of statewide law enforcement experience, giving him a unique perspective on not only how accidents can occur but also how to safely avoid them. The vehicles used for instruction are fully inspected and equipped with additional brakes, gears, and controls so the instructor can take over at a moment’s notice.

The Emerson Driving School provides a variety of courses, including those specially designed for new teenaged drivers. This course offers convenient pickup and drop-off services, hands-on instructions, close communication with parents about how the lessons are going, and helpful reports that show where your teen is doing well and what needs improvement.

Ault’s Driver Education Center

The friendly instructors at Ault’s Driver Education Center have been helping young drivers get their licenses since 1966. This family-owned business offers hands-on, behind-the-wheel training as well as an informative traffic school. Their state-approved traffic safety course (a requirement for all new drivers) can be completed online or in the classroom, whichever is easier for the student. For one-on-one driving lessons, Ault’s offers a wide selection of options depending on your needs.

Is your new driver in high school? Be sure to ask about the high school driver’s ed programs offered by Ault’s and partnering schools.

Classic Traffic School

At the Classic Traffic School, students will learn to drive in a fun and secure environment. They offer flexible driving times and door-to-door service to better fit into your hectic schedule. The relaxed and informative classroom course (available online or on-site) is the perfect way to learn the basics of driving safely, and state-of-the-art driving simulators give students the safest way to practice. Then, when they’re ready, a certified instructor will guide them during behind the wheel lessons.

Do you know another top driving school near Cape Coral, FL, that we missed? Let us know!

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